09 March 2011

frilly aprons & policy briefs

Lately I've been going through old posts, editing them a little for clarity and accuracy when needed. It's unreal to think that I've been blogging here for over three years. I started this project back when I was a wee lass making my way through my graduate program in public policy. All of that number-crunching and the business suits and research made me realize that I needed a little bit of old-fashioned, hands-on activity to balance it all out.  I started sewing, crocheting and baking in between turning in papers and making presentations. After graduation, I delved deeper in cooking and added in a bit of knitting to the mix. For me, it's a good reminder that you can write a kick-ass policy brief and then go home, tie a frilly apron around your waist and bake a kick-ass quiche. Or if it's more your thing, go home and wail out a power ballad, or grow your own food, or head out on a chilly night and run ten miles. That's what makes a person three-dimensional and whole. It's what makes real people more interesting than a sitcom character or stereotype. Right?

I found this one post, where I say that I don't cook a lot. Ha, if only my 2007 self could imagine how much time my 2011 self would spend in the kitchen. Yeesh.  

I'd love to hear back from all of you on this. Are your day jobs and your hobbies one in the same? Complementary? On completely opposite ends of the spectrum? How do you reconcile them? Any secret passions you'd like to unveil?

(Photos: Taken back in 2008. 1) Cookies with a Masters thesis; and 2) Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars with a textbook. Pretty much sums it all up even in present time.)


  1. oh christine, you impress me with your many hobbies and ability to consistently update your blog :)


  2. Katie, can you pretty please post something about those incredible-looking and delicious cupcakes you made?! I've told all sorts of people about them. The world must know.

  3. Fortunately for me I've developed a pretty useful skill set, so I can adapt my work to fit within my hobbies. Usually it's pretty dope, but sometimes I get frustrated because it feels like I can't find respite from being surrounded by the same things all day. I shouldn't complain, but I do.

    PS- Those PB/Choc bars are looking pretty darn good right now. Can't you whip some up quick and bring them out to SGF, like, now? Thanks in advance :-)

  4. I actually liked your Masters Thesis a bunch . . . and the sweet treats you shared were always aces too. You crackled with potential even in your "wee lass" days in the cage with the rest of us policy monkeys. It's been a delight to watch both facets of your well-rounded personality emerge in the years since then. Well played, Chrzxstine. Well played, indeed!

  5. What makes you such an amazing woman is how multidimensional you are! There is nothing you can't do, as you've proven over and over again. I hope you realize how inspirational you truly are to others! xo

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