22 March 2011

a haircut & a trip to atlanta

Right now, I'm on my way down to sunny Atlanta, Georgia! I've been asked to speak on a panel at the Habitat for Humanity National Affiliate Conference this week and am wildly excited for a mini-escape from the muddy New York weather. I'm also excited about having cable television in my hotel room, but let's pretend I didn't just say that and instead told you about some hip new martini lounge I'm hoping to check out. Really though, on the off-chance that I have a few moments to explore, do you have any must-sees for me? Tiny hole-in-the-wall delicious eateries? Let me know in the comments, ASAP.

Oh yeah, and I chopped my hair off this weekend. Snip snip! I can't wait to sculpt myself a little faux hawk, just for fun. Maybe while I'm cruising the streets (aka the conference hotel halls) of Atlanta.

Rock and roll. See you kiddos when I get back from Hotlanta.

PS- Have you all read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? Because I'm reading it now and I've been told to hang in there for another hundred pages or so because it eventually gets exciting. True?


  1. love the haircut! you are so brave :) i've been contemplating a pixie for years.. you def pull it off :)

  2. Al, ok after a few hours of solid reading on the plane I agree it's getting GOOD.

    katie, thanks! I've been wanting to do it forever and have pretty much been working up to it for a year now, haha.

  3. LOVE.

    your hair, but also the dragon tattoo books.

  4. Eeps! I LOVE IT! You totally rock it and your eyes look so blue! I had a pixie cut when I was a kid, but I wish it looked that chic!

  5. Cute cut!
    Have fun at the conference and with weather in the 80’s I hope your not watching cable in your down time.

  6. Things I love: Your hair, your blog, Habitat for Humanity, the south in the spring, hotels, and cable television in hotels, and of course, YOU! Haven't read the book yet, but I see the series EVERYWHERE. Let me know what you think.

  7. love the haircut :) I had a hard time with the first book, but the second and third make it worth plodding through the first one - it is a trilogy after all ;)


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