11 March 2011

this week on tumblr (also, tell me about pinterest)

I've just been sticking these tidbits over on my tumblr page, but now the world is officially obsessed with Pinterest. Could some online, tech-savvy people please tell me what the difference is between tumblr and pinterest? It seems like they are both good for quickly saving and cataloguing pretty things you find throughout the internet. Pinterest maybe has a better visual layout for inspiration boards. But other than that, it feels redundant to use them both. I am compulsive about creating and maintaining organizational systems, and have been known to break out in hives when I can't settle on the right binder categorizing system or online bookmarking program. Seriously, it stresses me out like whoa. Which is funny, because I'm actually kind of a slob.

Photo by Ralph Crane, 1962 for Life Magazine

I broke the needle to our record player awhile ago and haven't taken the time to fix it, but now I really want to so I can listen to my mom's old Joan Baez records. Love this picture.


It's not actually antique, obviously, but it is pretty. Maybe too girly for my co-habitating lifestyle, but cute nonetheless, right? 


That's right, you are looking at an Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookie. Did your mind just explode? Do you secretly want to eat one of these when no one is looking? Me too.

Photos by Irina Werning
via A Cup of Jo

This has been making its rounds on the blogs for weeks now, and I just had to share it. Photographer Irina Werning has people re-enact their childhood photos. Hilarious! Click over to her site to see even more.

Gorgeous, earthy jewelry. And the photography is incredible too. Come on, springtime.

Pancake recipe poster by Toast & Sip

You can even order custom posters based on your favorite recipes!


Sea Otter print 8x10 by berkleyillustration

Tell me this dapper Sea Otter didn't make your Friday afternoon a billion times better. I mean, c'mon. I found this awhile ago for a round-up I did over at Whole Living, but felt morally obligated to spread the cheer here too. You can also buy portraits of a well-dressed squirrel, horned owl, hedgehog, cardinal and a cheetah wearing an eye patch. I'm going to buy one of each and then hang them all over the apartment. 


I know that most of us are tuning in today to far bigger crises around the world. Online photo organization systems are the least of our worries, as our global neighbors face earthquakes and tsunamis, protest oppression and government-sponsored massacres, and suffer the inequities of hunger and extreme poverty. But today, I wanted to show you a picture of a snazzy Sea Otter and a cookie-stuffed cookie, because those have to help, at least a little bit.


  1. Do you ever use digg.com or del.ic.ious? Other great social networking/bookmarking systems that allow you to be "in the cloud," but are a little different than Tumblr or Pinterest.

  2. Ah, more online things! I deleted a whole paragraph from this post about how I am totally overwhelmed with various online accounts and organization systems... I just can't find the right one. I actually just use plain old Google Bookmarks the most for organizing recipes and useful sites, but have been thinking about digg and del.ic.ious along with stumbledupon. Also Evernote and Microsoft OneNote. And I use TeuxDeux sometimes for a quick, simple to-do list. And you know, Google Docs for other things. I need to streamline this shit :) Thanks for the suggestions!

    1. Why not just set up your own forum? You can put almost anything at a forum, plus have the ability to write in different fonts, BOLD, italicize, underline and highlight, use different color and size fonts, post photos, plus invite others to share their stuff.

      Go to forumer.com and it's totally free to set up and took me about 10 minute to set mine up, although I've refined it somewhat over the past four years. Come visit me at http://healthtalk.6.forumer.com/index.php

      But I'm kinda interested in PINTEREST myself, just because a lot of the sites I visit have the button, so I'm intrigued!

  3. Haha this is the second time I see those re-enacted childhood photos. Beyond hysterical. Love it!

    Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

    That Girl in Pearls


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