25 March 2011

toast house & home

I'm back from HOTLANTA and full of new ideas and inspiration from the Habitat conference. But I'm also immediately missing the gorgeous Georgia weather, so let's pretend that springtime has extended its reach to this little corner of New York State, even though it's barely above freezing right now. Why don't we just look at some pretty pictures from Toast's new House & Home catalog? Ah, much better.

I want to live in these pages.  Funny though that they charge so much for pieces that look like you found them on the curbside.  It's like buying clothes with holes in them, which I now understand was a really stupid thing to do back in high school. Sidenote, do you remember the episode of Friends where Rachel has a table from Pottery Barn but tells Phoebe it was thrifted because Phoebe hates mass-produced products? And Phoebe totally buys into it because things from Pottery Barn do just look like really nice versions of thrifted, quirky antiques?

(Photos from Toast's Spring/Summer 2011 House & Home collection.)


  1. This is why I almost NEVER buy anything from catalogues, etc. I feel like a little ingenuity and good hunting tactics goes a long way in decor. I like to tell people about the story behind my house/decor, not just have them say, "Oh, I saw that at Crate and Barrel/Pottery Barn," (Although I will admit I do have some items from those stores!). The Toast catalogue does look rather dreamy, though!

  2. Toast, ah yes! Always fun to browse. :)

  3. I've never heard of Toast but I love these pics, especially the stairs covered in books, (though not very safe for someone like me...)


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