29 March 2011

what we build

When you have a moment, watch this video. It's a bit long at 9 minutes but it's worth every second to learn about Habitat for Humanity, the work they do and the families they serve. Habitat debuted this video at the National Affiliate's Conference in Atlanta last week and I was completely blown away. I love its international focus, because so often we get caught up with only what is going on in our own communities and in our own lives. We forget about the need on the other side of town, on across the country and around the globe. Often, it takes a natural disaster to remind us about our global neighbors.

Seriously, if you can't watch it now then bookmark it and come back when you are brushing your teeth tonight, waiting for water to boil or sorting through your junk mail. And then you can find your local Habitat and get involved? Maybe? Or you can at least watch an incredible well-made, well-designed video and learn a bit more about Habitat. It can't hurt.

Habitat has helped places like the Gulf Coast, Haiti and Chile recover from natural disaster. Japan's government has urged NGOs to wait until search and rescue operation are finished before beginning rebuilding and clean-up efforts. Once that happens, Habitat is committed to helping rebuild in the areas hit hardest by the earthquake and tsunami. You can donate towards long-term recovery efforts here.


  1. Very powerful video! A sound, sustainable program that you just gotta love. It's inspired me to work on another build this year!!!


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