05 April 2011

spring fever festival

While Chris continued to soak up the rays in Palm Springs, I decided that a proper Spring Fever Festival weekend was in order. Last Saturday I packed up my pjs, whipped up an Amaretto Pound Cake and drove down to the Hudson Valley to see my good buddies.

We made some pizza for lunch and fixed ourselves a cocktail. One must have priorities when hosting a Spring Fever Festival.

Then we headed outside to putz around in the garden for a little bit.

Next up on the schedule was a grueling home manicure/trash magazine reading session followed by more cocktails and chips with guacamole hummus. Guacamole hummus. Genius.

We Skyped in our West Coast satellite Spring Fever Festival location and shared a cross-continental beer before ordering dinner, digging into the pound cake and playing a few rounds of cards. Because that is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Even our canine mascot Bella got into the spring spirit with her little bandana.

I'll share the Amaretto Pound Cake recipe tomorrow. It's a perfect boozy snack for a Spring Fever Festival weekend. Does it feel like springtime where you are yet? Besides the nonstop rain we've had the past few days, it's still feeling like late winter here. Blergo.


  1. Yay Vanessa! Yay Deb! PS - What's with everyone wearing Hunter boots? In my opinion, LL Bean is far superior, but that's just my 2 cents :-)Go Bean!

    Glad to see you had a good weekend and made it back safely!

  2. I don't think Ness' boots were by Hunter, just a similar look completely appropriate for boozy gardening.

  3. oh lordy. i am so jealous! I wish I had been there. I need to figure out this skyping thing so that I can be part of the next rock solid weekend. It looks like you ladies had a BLAST.

  4. I know! We can have a little Skype play date with little Finnigan :)

  5. Okay, well bring her out to the farm someday and I'll show you the wonder of Bean Boots! Yeh-ah!

    Love the look on Bella's face. Kind of like she is saying, "Alright, just take the damn picture already." Gotta love dogs.


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