13 April 2011

tiny spaces

(Teen Tiny Entry: Laura's Sophisticated Studio)

I'm loving all of the entries for Apartment Therapy's Small/Cool 2011 Contest. I browse through them everyday and am reminded that small homes can be just as cool, just as polished and just as functional. Which isn't to say that we are opposed to having a wee bit more space, say, enough so that we don't store our spare bike parts in our kitchen cabinets or our wine glasses on a shelf in our bedroom. But still, small can be cool. From Apartment Therapy's site:

At Apartment Therapy we've always believed that small homes can be the most inspiring and influential, filled with design ideas and solutions to motivate and educate us all. From teeny tiny studio apartments to compact cottages, we love discovering the homes that really show off just how cool small homes can be.

For the seventh year, Apartment Therapy invites readers from around the world to wow us with their beautiful small spaces and tips for living well in under 1000 square feet. Join in and help make this our best Small Cool contest yet - send in an entry, start choosing your favorites and support your picks by sharing them with your friends.

I'm happy to learn that our apartment doesn't qualify for the smallest category, "Teeny-Tiny". We are spacious enough to just fall in the "Tiny" category :)

 (Teeny-Tiny Entry: Alyssa's Light & Views)

Every year we think about finding a bigger space. Maybe this year we will. If not though, I've got plenty of inspiration stored up for how to spruce up our wee home. And apparently, small homes are all the rage these days, so we are actually ridiculously hip. Given that brussels sprouts are trendy this year, we are basically rock stars. At least according to my calculations. If you've got a cozy space to show off, you have until April 20 to enter the Small/Cool 2011 contest over here!

PS- Check out these 10 Organized and Efficient Small Real Kitchens too.

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