17 May 2011

from scratch club

Guess what? I've got a little secret. You know those hip gals that through that hip party for the Hip Girls' Guide to Homemaking? Mmm hmm, well now I'm one of them!

I am now a proud member of the From Scratch Club and will be over there writing about cooking and baking and eating and how we can create communities where everyone gets to cook and bake and eat delicious, healthy food. It's going to be excellent. The posts there are outstanding and cover everything from community sharecropping (!) and food allergies to cheesemaking and tapping your own maple syrup. There are amazing recipes and thoughts on our food system and the best weekly round-ups of local and national food-related news, articles and happenings. Go.

From the FSC website:
From Scratch Club is a small group of women who are passionately connected to the food they and their families consume. We live in various cities within the Capital Region of Upstate NY. We meet once a month for a food-related adventure, event or potluck. The rest of the month we are here with stories, recipes, kitchen tips & tricks and food policy musings & news. Welcome
I'm the only representative of the non-mom food population over there, but I do like kissing babies on the forehead and chasing middle-schoolers around the yard with a squirt gun, so I think I'll fit right in.  

Go there and read my introduction post! Then read all of the other posts and get to know the other ladies. And add it to your Google Reader and like them on Facebook. And hey, I'll still be here for you the same as always, with fascinating introspectives on dishwashing and other such things. Don't you worry.


  1. This is fabulous news. You will bring a whole different view and energy to the group. Kudos!

  2. So cool about FSC! And I love the hair!

  3. I could spend all day here! What a great blog you have. I'm a fellow new contributor for FSC and I hope I get to meet you soon!!!

  4. we can be a team, I am post-family, in that my kids are grown and gone, Together we make a spectrum. Welcome.



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