03 May 2011

getting back outside

I am really digging spring right now, even with all of the rain we've been getting and the muggy days. Everything is blossoming, the park across from our apartment is green and lush and my energy is slowing returning. Over the past few weeks I've actually been able to rouse myself early enough to run before work and each time I've been glad that I did. Traffic is lighter, the breeze is crisp and it gives each day a sense of possibility and accomplishment. I always head into the winter months promising myself that I'll not only keep up my running mileage, but that I'll do most of it outside in badass winter gear no matter what the weather is because I am fierce. But then I remember how terrible it is to run outside when it's 5 degrees and blustery and dark. And then after awhile, I remember how boring the treadmill gets and how crowded the gym is after work. And how much nicer it is just to stay inside and bake and read. Springtime means getting outside again, sucking in that fresh air and exploring your town on foot. Springtime also means that it's the start of gin & tonic season, am I right?

I'm hoping to take advantage of spring's weather and do some muddy hikes, maybe a camping trip or two, and a little home redecorating before it gets too hot to do much of anything up in our third floor perch. I'd also like to ramp up our sprouting efforts, in lieu of a garden, and make some homemade cheese.

(Photo of some pretty flowers from my Nan & Grampy.)


  1. Yay spring! I think we need a bocce in the park date soon! I must admit (as much of a snob as this makes me sound)... I'm over G&Ts. My drinks now (involving Gin) are Gimlets and Pimm's Cups (which don't always call for Gin, but I add it anyway :-). Come over to the dark side of Gin, Christine! You'll never look back. Good luck with the running.

  2. Gasp! Over G&Ts?! Ludicrous!

    We indulged in a pitcher of Pimm's Cups (with gin) in honor of the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge :) They were delicious, of course, but sometimes I prefer a simpler, crisper drink and that is where my beloved gin and tonics enter. Also helps keep away the malaria.

  3. G&T is Nick's favorite summer drink (besides good beer, of course). I never used to drink Gin, but he's got me hooked. We, too have been thoroughly enjoying Spring! So glad it's finally gotten here.

  4. Alright alright, I'll give G&Ts one last chance, if only as an antedote to infectious disease. I do love Gimlets, though. Sounds like we all need to get together and indulge in some ginny-gin-gin this summer? Also, try Q tonic. Very tasty!


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