17 June 2011

a bench cushion

Many months ago, my Grampy commissioned me to make a cushion for this bench that he and my dad built together. It was winter, so I figured I'd wait until springtime to make it. Then springtime came and almost went, but I got my act together and just finished it this week.

The hardest part of any project for me is the math. You have to wonder how I made it into those advanced math classes when simple addition throws me off. Fortunately, though, I was able to avoid that embarrassment because I'd been given quite thorough instructions, complete with a diagram and measurements (forgive some of my scribbles on there). All I had to do was follow the directions and not screw anything else up too badly. I loosely followed the process from this Sew, Mama, Sew! tutorial by Autum, if anyone is inclined to make their own cushion.

It's pretty standard, as far as bench cushions go. I used a piece of 3" foam and a heavy-weight cotton outdoor canvas for the exterior. I used a bread knife to cut down the foam further after I bought it. I'm pretty sure that's what the professionals use. Never underestimate the power of kitchen cutlery in craft projects.

Along the length of the back there is a flap with Velcro so you can take the cover off and wash it. There are also two ties to secure it to the bench. Once it was all sewn, I sprayed it with a water repellant so it could withstand summer rain showers and maybe a spilled drink or two. You know how parties out on the deck can get.

One more project checked off the list. Just in time for us to tear apart our apartment this weekend and give it a fresh paint job this weekend. I was led to believe that painting parties always involved ordering in delicious, greasy pizza and eating junk food while you dance around to pop music, but I've recently been informed that is not always the case and, in fact, may not be the case this weekend. I don't think I want to paint my apartment if I can't eat pizza while doing so. I will see what I can work out. Soon I'll tell you about that food swap I went to this week, event though I forgot to take a picture of my loot before devouring most of it. And you'll hear about more recipes, new veggies & other tomfoolery.


  1. Wow, that looks great! I made a cushion for the windowseat in the office, and it didn't turn out this good. I tried to add a braided trim around the top of the cushion, it was really hard. I received two electric knives for wedding presents and wasn't able to return either (!!) so I use one for crafts, like cutting foam.

  2. Thanks! It's not perfect, but a few puckers here and there won't hurt anyone. An electric knife! That really is what JoAnn's uses, or something similar.

  3. Yup, the pro's definitely use bread knives to cut foam cushions. Fer shur!

  4. Food Swap? YES! I need to hear more!
    And I think beer is supposed to be involved with the apartment painting/pizza party...can it really be called a party?
    Anyway, the cushion is perfect! I actually have a bench that could use a bit of sprucing up...how well does the water repellent work? I never thought about using a bread knife for cutting foam...great idea! (I've used electric meat cutters for upholstery projects in the past.)

  5. It's so beautiful, Christine. I know Grampy must be thrilled! Kudos!


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