07 June 2011

CSA home delivery

A cooler full of awesome..

It's been an exciting few days here. The NKOTBSB show, our first CSA delivery from Kilpatrick Family Farms, a little college reunion plus my first bike ride of the season, the Freihofer's Run for Women, free cookies and an eight mile run the next day followed by a nap. (If you have a moment, you should watch this crazy cool video of the Freihofer's course. It will be like we ran together. The famous course winds through Washington Park and my neighborhood :)

Finished in 26:13... now give me my free cookies.

We signed up as part of Kilpatrick Family Farms first-ever "South of the Twin Bridges" CSA home delivery. The farm is based up in Granville, NY and they mainly sell at farmers markets north of Albany but this year they are trying out a home delivery CSA for us folks south of the twin bridges. We leave a cooler out with ice packs and then they put our food in it. So great! We have a full veggie share plus a weekly egg share. The eggs straight up come from chickens on their farm and sometimes they'll tweet about feeding the chickens leftover spinach and such. Love. I should say that I was totally won over to this CSA because when I stopped by their booth at a CSA fair a few months ago, Chris from From Scratch Club was there and between her and Farmer Michael I was totally smitten and convinced this was the best possible farm in the land. And now FSC Chris (as to avoid confusion with my own Chris) drives around in her little Mazda and delivers all sorts of goodies throughout the area.

This week we got hakurei turnips, rainbow chard, red beets, curly lettuce, Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes), and spinach. I've already had to consult my copy of Vegetarian and Vegetable Cooking by Christine Ingram because it has the most helpful section on crazy vegetables and tells you about their history, their taste and how to store and cook them. I'll also be relying heavily on The Google to figure out what the hell all of these veggies are and what I can do with them.

Check out my post at From Scratch Club today about growing your own sprouts! This time around, I grew a mix of alfalfa, red clover and daikon radish sprouts... perfect for sandwiches and salads. If you have room for a small glass jar, then you have room to grow some of your own food. Read the entire how-to post here. (You can also check out this archived post about my mung bean sprouting, if you'd like.)


  1. Always good to learn about CSA options; but their website doesn't appear to note the home-delivery option. Did I miss it, or do you have more details, perchance? Thanks!

  2. Hey Ewan!

    Its FSC Chris (also CSA Coordinator at Kilpatrick Family Farm). The "South of the Twin Bridges" is a super-small pilot program that we are running this summer. We put out a press release a few months back, hand online sign-ups, and quickly sold out.

    (Farmer) Michael & I had to make the choice to either go big and drive around the massive area with the big truck or go manageable for this first season and simply fill my Mazda5 to the max.

    We choose the latter, so only 19 shares were available. We hope if the interest to continue to grow our presence in the Albany area and this particular program!

    You are welcome to email me at csa@kilpatrickfamilyfarm.com with any additional questions & inquiries!

    Best, FSC/ KFF Chris

    (AWESOME POST CHRISTINE!!!!) I hope you tried the Hakurei Turnips raw- yummers!

  3. Chris, I knew you'd jump in! Thanks :)


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