14 June 2011

inside the cooler, week no. 2

Week 2 of fresh veggie delivery. We've got some salad mix, spring onions, rutabagas, gigantic beets, rhubarb and strawberries! I wrongly identified those huge beets at first, thinking that they were the rutabagas because of their size and then I was just dragging the bag of rutabagas around the apartment wondering what the hell they were. The CSA coordinator cleared it up for me, though I supposed slicing into one of them would have ended the confusion much sooner. SO. Here we are. The strawberries are, of course, completely gone already as is the salad mix. I used spring onions in last night's fried rice mish-mash (brown rice, spring onions, sauteed rainbow chard, bell pepper, fried egg) and am thinking about baking some into a loaf of bread this week. The rhubarb will meet it's doom tonight when I bake it into something to bring to tomorrow night's FOOD SWAP. A food swap! Catch the craze that's sweeping the nation! (Really, catch it. There are a few spots left for tomorrow night's FSC Swappers event in Saratoga. Sign up and you might get to swap me for a rhubarb something-or-other. Or just come and hang out and check out the swapping from a distance. Update: Online sign-ups are closed but you can still email fromscratchclub (at) gmail (dot) com to reserve your spot!)


  1. Giant beets would make great oven baked beet chips, especially if the weather stays cool, you don’t mind turning the oven on. :)

  2. Awesome! We have a huge patch of spring onions that I need to dig-up. Dave keeps running over the edge of the batch with the lawn mower and then it smells like onions at my house for days after.

  3. you HAVE to make strawberry rhubarb pie!


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