21 June 2011

inside the cooler, week no. 3

Here we are folks: more tiny Benjamin Buttons (Jerusalem artichokes... was no one disturbed by my observation of them?), hakurei turnips, a big head of red leafy lettuce, radishes, rainbow chard and strawberries. We roasted the radishes, which I didn't even know you could do, and they were pretty good. I think any vegetable roasted is pretty good. I saved a few for slicing raw on top of salads but the rest went into a hot oven and were drizzled with browned butter. We had those with some mashed buttermilk potatoes & rutabagas before we launched into a weekend full of painting ye old apartment. Once that started, we didn't cook at all so now we are scrambling a bit to finish up last week's delivery before we get another load of fresh veggies from the farm. Speaking of the farm... I got the chance to visit and pick strawberries and pet baby goats. You'll hear all about that soon.

Happy Summer Solstice!

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  1. i love jerusalem artichokes / sunchokes / benjamin buttons / whatever they're called, as long as they are sliced thinly and fried to a sweet, creamy crisp. :) :)


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