30 June 2011

miniature delights

I have this new little pocket-sized camera and one of its shooting features makes everything look like a miniaturized version of itself. Like a little dollhouse or scaled-down model. Can you tell? I hope not to abuse it, but I can't make you any promises. Get ready to see a whole lot of pictures of miniature coolers of veggies and miniature quiches. Bare with me as I get this out of my system.

(Photos from top to bottom of Albany, my mom's dining room table and our bathroom sink.)


  1. this is amazing! i looked at the images before reading the copy and i thought these were all little models of albany and houses. very cool, christine :)

    p.s. whati cant wait to see what happens when you take pictures of shorter-than-average hip chicks like you and i... :)

  2. I was totally thinking of that! It would be so ridiculous to have someone miniaturize us... I mean, almost cruel. We shall give it a shot though :)


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