03 June 2011

a peach cake & a proposition

I made a peach cake. I didn't change the recipe at all except for forgetting to buy pecans and refusing to peel the peaches. There are very few vegetables and fruits that warrant peeling, in my opinion. Pototoes? I can't think of a single good reason to peel one. Peaches? No. Leave 'em dressed.

This recipe came to me from Barefoot Contessa, by way of the doc, by way of a cookbook from his sister. It's divine, I think because there is sour cream in the batter and you also dump a food amount of cinnamon sugar on top of it. The sugar gives it this crispy glazy-ness that you just can't beat.

This is a photo that the doc took of his own peach cake, because I'm slowly training everyone I know to take pictures of their food and send them to me. Seriously, send me a picture of something you made and then maybe I'll make it too and post it. A warning, it can become addictive to photograph your food, but it's also a little awkward if there are people around. Sometimes you'll even catch some flack from a nearby asshat, but I think we can all agree that there are worse things in the world than taking pictures of the delicious food you've made, right? So long as you still remember to actually eat the food and it doesn't devolve into a photo essay of every bite you've consumed, I think we'll be ok. Cook something awesome, take a picture of it, email it to me and we'll begin a food-centric penpal/guest posting relationship.

ps- Oh and if anyone was wondering, the NKOTBSB concert last night was amazing. It had all the Highly Coiffed And Overly Accessorized Boy Bands Making A Comeback glory you could imagine. We danced and sang our faces off.


  1. This is a recipe I'll try soon. George is salivating! We can't wait to try this delicious chocolate cake alternative. It just screams "summer"!

  2. Looks delish, can you bring one to my house? I'll make the tea :-)

    I REALLY like blanching and peeling peaches, and do a fair amount of it each summer for canning peach jam and chutney. No joke, I like it.


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