06 July 2011

can i tell you about my nails?

Sorry, menfolk, this post just isn't really for you. Though I appreciate you stopping by & welcome you back later in the week.

I tried those nail polish sticker things by Sally Hansen. And they are pretty awesome. They took about thirty minutes to apply, not including a little bit of nail prep beforehand, and it was easier than I thought it would be. You find the strip that fits your nail shape the best, stick it on, stretch it out so it covers your nail and then file away the excess. I think mine look really badass, if I can be so bold as to say so. They are supposed to last longer than regular polish too, though I did end up applying a clear top-coat as an extra buffer against chips. I'm not dainty at all with my hands, and so far they've held up for four days with nary a chip to be seen. That's already an all-time record for me. I just wanted to share, because at first I thought they looked like a scam, but then Cup of Jo and Amy from Angry Chicken and a friend of mine were talking them up so I gave it a go. Fun summer splurge, if you ask me.

PS- They are called Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips by Sally Hansen. I got mine at either Rite Aid or CVS, I can't remember.

PPS- It's harder than you'd think to take a good picture of fingernails. My hands look crippled and arthritic in every single shot. Well, not true, in one my hand looked like a surgical glove blown up like a balloon. So puffy. I figured I'd try a one of the most natural poses in the world: holding a plastic Solo cup full of sangria.


  1. what! that looks insanely awesome!

  2. Awesome! I almost never paint my nails, but on a whim decided to paint them bright red this weekend (Essie "A List"). Now I'm kinda hooked. This might be fun to try!

  3. Same here! Throughout college I painted my nails funky colors but afterwards stopped painting them entirely... even stopped painting my toenails. The past year I've reclaimed this girly pleasure, even though it can be a bit of a hassle for something that gets ruined almost immediately :)


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