28 July 2011

cut those jeans up

Another pair of cut-offs. If you have old jeans that still fit alright around the waist but you don't really wear, CUT OFF the bottom. You know, authentic style. Don't buy cut-offs. I made these longer cut-offs a few years ago from consignment store jeans and I still love 'em. A few weekends ago, my two favorite pairs of shorts were dirty, it was stinkin' hot and I had a party to go to. I took this pair of jeans, which had already undergone a transformation from boot cut to skinny and were now sitting sadly in the donation pile, and I hacked them up. This was a real haphazard job, surely careless enough to make a normal seamstress cringe. With nary a ruler in sight, I eyeballed the length and went at them with scissors. Yes, they were a little wonky when I wore them that first night but I fixed 'em up the next morning. Cut up your jeans. Breath a little life into those clothes at the bottom of your closet. Another favorite of mine is cutting up pants to make a skirt, a la this super crazy old post. Maybe I'll revise that tutorial soon so I don't have to link back to awful hand drawn sketches anymore.

(Cut-off shorts made Deanna's list of summer essentials! Get on it!)


  1. This is too true - cut-offs will always be a summer essential, and once you find a good pair, it's hard to let them go! I thought you looked adorable in your cut-offs at my party, and I was secretly jealous of how hip you looked :-)

  2. Phew, you couldn't tell that the left leg was longer than the right? :)

  3. Goodness. You are just so cool. I can't articulate how cool you are. I think you are my role model. I love you.

  4. Pff, I want to see more of the brilliant things you & the fam are doing up there in the Pacific NW! You are all so crafty. Love it.


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