11 July 2011

inside the cooler, week no. 6

Well, what do you know... another look inside the cooler! And summer veggies are here, big-time. I was surprised to see cherry tomatoes already! Summer squash & cucumber too, along with lettuce, garlic scapes, cucumber, dill & beets :) I'm going to make a loaded vegetable pizza, some fresh dill bread and a few wraps for lunch stuffed with the rest of this beautiful haul from KFF.

Part two of the cooler & running posts: Yesterday, I woke up nice and early to drive out to Utica for the Boilermaker. You run 9.3 miles and then they give you some food and beer. There are bands and radio stations and entertainment all along the course plus thousands of rowdy spectators. Not so bad as far as races go. After I got back home, I laid out in the park for awhile and then ordered celebratory Indian food. That's how I roll.


  1. I still can't get over the spandex....so cool. You earned a wonderful Indian meal!


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