26 July 2011

inside the cooler, week no. 8

SUMMERTIME! Look at this bounty. Carrots, tomatoes, garlic, potatoes, herbs, greens, lettuce, bell peppers and even a little jalapeño. I've been trying to work my way through these veggies by myself the past few weeks and I am so very glad my partner-in-crime is back to help with this one. Chris had been volunteering on an organic farm in Nova Scotia since the beginning of the month so I valiantly tried to eat my way through three entire coolers of fresh produce. I ended up giving away a few summer squash, cukes, beets, scapes & cabbage that I just couldn't polish off. I used others in dishes to swap, share or pawn off on friends. It all worked out. He came back in time to celebrate our anniversary last night with a fancy dinner and a stroll around the neighborhood. Now we're soaking up the rest of summer and enjoying a break in the heat wave. And eating our vegetables. Always.

Bonus: We got our CSA member shirts last week! You can see a glimpse of it above, but I'll be modeling it real soon. Promise. I can't promise that we'll both be modeling our shirts, but you know I'll try.


  1. First - Happy Anniversary! Where did you have dinner? Dave and I are really dopey and celebrate our "meeting," "dating," and "wedding" anniversary.

    Second - totally jealous of your garden loot. I have TONS of tomatoes, but none that a ripe yet. Carrots aren't ready, neither are the bell peppers, though I have little baby jalapeno peppers ready (and cilantro, and soon onions, so I need those damn tomatoes to be ready so I can make salsa!). Can't wait to see you rocking that t-shirt.

  2. New World Bistro :) It was cool enough that we could comfortably eat outside on the patio.


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