14 July 2011

my big blue jug of sangria

I feel like I've been dragging a jug full of sangria around all summer. Like a kid with her teddy bear. It's been to the lake, to last night's cheesemaking party (I KNOW. Recap to come next week.) and all around town. In the past, it's been brought downstate for Spring Fever Festivals and other such events and came along for the ride to Mystic for a gals weekend. If you see me carrying this blue cooler, you can be assured that good things are on the horizon.

And if you see this (10 gallon) cooler coming, well, hold onto your hats people. Things are about to get wild.


  1. everything is better with sangria. the big boy is not for the faint at heart...but who wants to run out of sangria. it'd be such a shame. better safe than sorry i always say :) "there's 3 of us? we'd better get a 30 rack."

  2. I for one was SO glad this blue cooler made it last night! thanks for sharing :-)

  3. Making a white sangria this weekend. I'll need your stamp of approval. Any sangria-making tips are greatly appreciated.

  4. Exactly, Kate. You really can't be too careful... would hate to run out of booze half-way through the party. Plus... bulk purchasing. It's just economics.

    Liz, anytime you host a cheesemaking party, I will bring the jug o' sangria :)

    Dee, my sangria is different everytime I make it, haha. Wine, OJ, other fruit juice, splash of something fizzy + fresh fruit! White sangria would be so refreshing!


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