19 July 2011

small, cool kitchens 2011

Want a sneak peek into our infamous wee kitchen? Scoot on over to The Kitchn for a virtual tour because our kitchen is in the running for the Small, Cool Kitchens 2011 contest!

From the contest website:
The smallest kitchens are often the ones that work the hardest, yet get the least attention. At The Kitchn, we know that terrific food can be cooked up in the smallest of spaces. Small Cool Kitchens is a chance to show off those tiny yet creative kitchens.
If you are so moved, will you "favorite" our teeny kitchen? You can choose your favorite entries through Monday, July 25 in the Own, Rent & International categories. You have to create an account in order to vote, but you really should have one anyway because about 70% of my recipes and meal ideas are inspired by things over at The Kitchn :)

It looks like ours is the second smallest kitchen in the entire contest! Ha! And the smallest kitchen shared by two people. It's been a real challenge to spruce up this little nook. We are renters with an almost non-existent budget set aside for making major improvements to a property that we don't own, ya know? Longtime readers already know about our kitchen pegboard, but you have to see the hilarious (to me, anyway) pulley system that Chris rigged up so I can lower our three-tiered hanging basket to within reach and then hoist it up out of sight afterwards.

Vote for our wee space in the Small, Cool Kitchens 2011 Contest here.

Updated: Thanks, everyone! Our wee space came in second in the Rental category :) Not a prize-winner, but not too shabby :) If you'd like to take a virtual tour of the space, head on over here.

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