22 August 2011

dinner elves

When you provide food for others, you aren't just providing a meal. You are adding a few extra minutes to their day, crossing off a line on their to-do list and hopefully offering at least a tiny bit of comfort. So sneak over to your grandmother's house or your best friend's apartment and leave them a dinner. Be a dinner elf. To help get you started, I've shared a few things to keep in mind over at From Scratch Club. Head over there and then get cooking!

Posting has been and may continue to be a bit light here, but stay with me. I made my first ever jar of pickles, even though I don't love pickles, so you'll be hearing about that just as soon as I work up the courage to try one. I need to show you Chris' latest incredible creation plus share a few tidbits from what he's been up to this summer, because it's pretty bad-ass. So hang in their during the radio silence, because there are good times ahead.. Remember to soak up those late-summer rays; my walk to work this morning felt suspiciously autumnal and I'm not quite ready for it.

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  1. Your kindness, thoughtfulness and good nature fill me with gratitude on a regular basis. Keep being the inspirational soul that you are because the world needs more humans like you!


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