16 August 2011

inside the cooler, week no. 11

Green peppers, jalapeño peppers, onions, salad mix, red potatoes, cukes, zukes, summer squash, kale, tomatoes and broccoli from the farm. I'm putting that broccoli on a pizza, or I'm covering it with cheese. While it may not be a popular opinion in the foodie/veggie-lover world, I think those are the two best uses for broccoli. Just straight up... doesn't do it for me like it does for other people. We breaded and baked slices of summer squash and ate them with a tomato salad for dinner the other night. And then we realize that all we freaking ate was half a squash and three-quarters of a tomato each. Ridiculous. 'Tis a good thing we've been having ice cream just about every night, or else we would be wasting away with dinners like that. I think I was still full from eating my weight in delicious Mexican food earlier in the weekend.

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  1. Argh! I get so frustrated seeing all your beautiful produce when my broccoli, onions, and green peppers aren't ready yet from the garden :(. I probably won't have any bell peppers at all this year, as one of the cats ate the plants.

    I think the last time I went out for Mexican was with you to El Loco. I guess I'm overdue!


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