10 August 2011

a peach grows in new york

We went peach picking on Sunday. We were prepared for the cold and rain, as per local weather reports, but when we got to Fix Brothers Fruit Farm in Hudson, NY it was sunny, hot and humid. The rain from the night before made everything feel a little swampy and I swear something about the clouds and the light refraction (?) caused me to get a smidge sunburned in record time. So as magical as peach picking sounds, I was happy enough to hurry along so we could get back to the air conditioned car and off to eat some Mexican food.

We tried not to go overboard, since we aren't planning on doing any canning. One things leads to another, though, and we walked away with 13 pounds of them. Which is insane, since I never even realized that peaches grew in New York. I always assumed they were more of a southern crop. Georgia peaches and such.

Peaches are on the brain this week. Last night I made another awesome peach cake and tonight I'm making a batch of peach freezer jam. We're considering making peaches and cream yogurt popsicles, peach salsa, peach bbq sauce and/or a peach pie. Of course, we've been gobbling them up as-is and slicing them for our cereal and vanilla ice cream. Any other ideas for our little harvest?

After peach-picking and lunch at Mexican Radio, Chris and I wandered around downtown Hudson for a little bit until the muggy-ness won out. What follows is a conversation we had with an antique dealer:

Guy: What brings you to the area?
Me: Oh, we just went peach picking!
Guy: (Pause) And why would you do something like that?
Me: So we can... eat peaches.
Guy: You know you could just... go to the store and buy them. It's much easier.
Me: But now we know where they came from and that they are super fresh.
Guy: Ooookay. So then do you also do that for apples and cherries and stuff?
Me: When we can!
Guy: (Rolls eyes)

(As we are leaving...)

Guy: Are you looking for anything in particular?
Chris: Yeah, do you have any peaches?


  1. LOL...I heart that boy :)
    peach fro-yo or ice cream or sorbet? and yes, you can borrow my ice cream maker.

    "Who's your Georgia peach?"

  2. I found a tasty sounding peach buttermilk sherbet recipe. I actually just wrote that I would need to borrow your ice cream maker and then re-read your comment and saw that you already predicted and approved that.

    I have been saying "Who's your Georgia Peach?" about 7-8 times a day. Seriously, I'm like Rainman.

  3. Just smiling and thinking "Sweet!"

  4. Oh, Chris. It's like the joke about the duck walking into a convenience store asking for grapes (does this several times, owner says if the duck does it again, he'll staple the duck's feet to the floor). The duck comes back the next day, asks the owner if he has staples. Owner says no, so duck asks for grapes.

    Anyway... add some ginger to that jam, you won't regret it. Thinking I'll try peach bbq sauce. Great idea!

  5. haha, love it. that schudde is so clever!

    have you ever heard of a spicy peach hummus? i had some once when i lived in vermont- might be worth trying since you've got a hefty stash :)

  6. You've got to be kidding.... we also went to mexican radio and walked around hudson on sunday afternoon! so funny. The peaches look delicious.

  7. Ginger peach jam, spicy peach hummus... awesome.

    Lauren, that is ridiculous! We were there with some From Scratch Club peeps... probably got to Mexican Radio around 12ish.


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