17 August 2011

to sit and be quiet

Last weekend we camped and hiked in the Adirondacks. We stayed at Round Pond, then woke up and hiked Round Mountain and Noonmark Mountain. After I stopped huffing and puffing, I had a lot of time to sit and be quiet at the summit. And that is just what I needed. To sweat it out, gulp down fresh mountain air, stretch my legs and think about the people I love, the memories I carry with me and the opportunities that lay ahead. I left exhausted, rejuvenated and full of gratitude.

(First photo is mine, our friend took the last two.)


  1. L-O-V-E that last photo. I think I need a healthy dose of "sit and be quiet," too. Don't see it happening any time soon, though :(

  2. Beautiful! I need regular doeses of this so I don't become a threat to humanity...


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