27 September 2011

fundraiser for amanda

There's another fundraiser over at From Scratch Club and I'd like to tell you about it. A long-time FSC contributor, Amanda, recently lost her house in a fire. Amanda, her husband and their three young daughters were able to escape with literally the clothes on their backs as the fire swept through.

(Amanda's three daughters in the kitchen! Photo from one of her posts on FSC.)

Amanda was the generous host for the Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking party & mini food swap last spring. (It's worth noting that this party was where I first officially met the From Scratch Club and was the inspiration for our now-thriving food swap community!) After the pickling & fermentation demo this month, I had a chance to chat with Amanda and other FSC peeps over drinks and I was struck with how upbeat and awesome she was. I don't know Amanda well, but in that short time I was totally blown away by her strength and ability to carry on and create as much stability for her family as possible. She's also an avid runner, and I always marveled at the group runs she posted through the Albany Running Exchange at some unholy early morning hour. That's a tough cookie.

In addition to the farm fundraiser, FSC is hosting a fundraiser to help Amanda and her family through this transition. And there are gift baskets! Oh, there are gift baskets! With your donation, you are automatically entered to win one of these goodies:

  • a signed copy of Kate Payne's Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking;
  • a set of custom canning labels by Kaela of Local Kitchen Blog;
  • a basket full of "swap" goodies... homemade canned things, jams, baked goods, etc, or;
  • one of my demi-aprons (!) with other assorted kitchen things.

That's right, you can get your paws on this Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Reversible Demi Apron! Made with love by yours truly. Surely you remember these aprons hanging around now-on-hiatus Etsy shop? 

Click over to the fundraiser and give a little, will you? All of the info and details are over there and feel free to comment here, there or email me if you have any questions. The fundraiser runs through October 15 and gift basket winners will be announced on the 17th.


  1. HEY!!!
    I just came across your blog and LOVE IT!!!! I can't wait to continue reading AND get caught up!
    Happy Tuesday new friend :-)
    Take care,

  2. Oh you KNOW I'll be picking up a BANNED book this week! Sometimes I just have to shake my head and mutter, what a crazy world we live in. Buy hey, keep on reading. :)


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