20 September 2011

inside the cooler, weeks no. 14-16

We have some catching up to do with my cooler sneak peeks, eh? Here are the past three weeks of CSA deliveries, quick and dirty in one convenient post. Week 14 was all the way back on the 1st of September. Look at those gorgeous cherry tomatoes. I thought of doing a whole post on them and their colorful diversity, but decided against it. You're welcome. And look at that Siamese twin summer squash? You can't tell as much in this photo, but it was the craziest squash. I also thought about doing a separate post on this cute conjoined pair but, again, reason and sanity got the best of me. We hadn't been going through our cucumbers fast enough, so I snuck a few of them into my checked luggage to haul out to Portland for pickle-making. Because I am the sort of houseguest that will make you ciabatta and fresh dill pickles, if that is your kind of thing. All I ask in return is a reasonably comfortable place to sleep, a veranda with a view (if possible) and the freedom to have vacation drinks and snacks without judgment.

Week 15! Colorful peppers! This delivery came while I was away. Chris had been waiting all season for some colorful bell peppers, so I'm hoping this cooler full of them made up for my absence. Somehow I'm sure it did. We used the chard and some of the onions in quiches, including a ton of mini-quiches that I brought to the last Albany food swap, which we hosted Locavore-style.

Finally, week 16. I had no idea we could still get fresh raspberries! Treat! Those are already gone, of course. We were both pleased to see a bag of spinach, as that has become one of our favorite leafy greens. And more cucumbers! Ay. I shall have to better develop a taste for pickles and put to use some of the skills I picked up last week at Kate Payne's Pickling & Fermenting demo. (Head here for a great recap of the event!) I still never told you about my jar of bread and butter pickles. I don't... I just don't know if you want to see them. Maybe I'll do a post on pickles for people who aren't super in love with them but are trying really hard to jump on the pickled foods bandwagon. Sounds exciting. Lastly, look at that little bag of Benjamin Buttons in the corner of the cooler. I'm not sure if I'm alone on this one, but I really love those things.

From Scratch Club is hosting a fundraiser for Denison Farm (Schaghticoke, NY) and Kilpatrick Family Farm (Middle Granville, NY), two of the biggest certified naturally grown farms in the area. Both farms suffered substantial crop loss during Tropical Storms Irene & Lee. I am a member of the KFF CSA and frequent customer at Denison's stand at the Troy Farmer's Market. They put food on my table and on the tables of so many in the area; please support them by heading over to From Scratch Club and donating. You will be entered to win the most incredible gift baskets I've ever seen-- a "grilling basket" featuring sustainable, ethically-raised meat from West Wind Acres, a basket with homemade pancake mix and tons of cute kitchen stuff, and a "swap basket" filled to the brim with incredible homemade treats that have been cooked, baked, canned, jarred, preserved, etc. by the ladies of FSC. More info about the farms, the gift baskets and the fine print can be found here.

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