30 September 2011

nyc wine & food festival

We're going to the New York City Wine & Food Festival tomorrow! How and why, you ask? I'll give you the long-winded version. I've teamed up with the ShopRite Potluck blog to share recipes and tips for creating delicious meals on a budget. You know I love my CSA deliveries, farmers markets and co-ops, but I know that a lot of folks still head to the grocery store each week to stock their kitchen. I joined the Potluck blog to create recipes and menus that can help link people of all incomes and backgrounds to healthier food choices. 

To be honest, I've been completely surprised by the quality and variety of ShopRite imported and specialty products. My area hasn't had a ShopRite store in a long time, but now that ShopRite is back in the picture with the grand opening of their Niskayuna store, I'm pumped. I've had the pleasure of tasting quite a few of their products from their new Specialty Imported Pasta to their Mango with Peach Salsa and, my favorite, ShopRite Hazelnut Spread. I'm genuinely excited to see what else the new Niskayuna store will offer and what other natural and healthful ingredients I can get my paws on. (Yes, I know the Hazelnut spread isn't exactly a health food.)

What does this have to do with the NYC Wine & Food Festival? Well, for the fourth consecutive year, ShopRite is the presenting sponsor of the festival and the Grand Tasting, which is a two-day crazy event full of the best food and wine in the city. We're telling people about the Potluck blog, and we'll be stuffing our faces with food and wine. Yup, yes, sounds lovely. So Chris and I will be hopping a train to the Big Apple to pig out and stalk celebrity chefs. I really wish we got the Food Network so I would be better able to positively identify all of the famous TV personalities. Just going to have to play it by ear :)

From the press release:
The Grand Tasting Presented by ShopRite is part of the New York City Wine & Food Festival hosted by The Food Network, Food &Wine and Travel and Leisure magazines. As one of the Festival’s most popular attractions, The Grand Tasting will not only showcase ShopRite’s premier line of limited edition specialty products, but will also offer attendees signature dishes from the city’s most respected restaurants and world-renowned wine and spirit makers in a deliciously designed two-day gastronomic experience.

You can read about what I'm most looking forward to in the new ShopRite right here. Feel free to chime in, leave a comment and check back for new recipes, reviews and cooking demos. Like 'em on Facebook for the latest news and updates.

Chris & I will be getting back in time for me to scoot over to the second half of the 3rd Annual Local Harvest Festival in Washington Park! From Scratch Club is making their debut festival appearance-- we'll be sharing recipes, samples and a food swap intro so stop by the booth from 11am-3pm.


  1. Please please please, if you happen to bump into him, kiss Anthony Bourdain for me. I'm hopelessly in love with that dirty old man. Tell me how gruff he is, okay?

    On a completely different note... congrats on the great gig! I'd love to hear more about it. You're super-famous (my friend's a celebrity!!).

  2. ok, this is amazing. for real. congrats big time.


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