22 September 2011

the pickle bandwagon

So, I'm not really surprised that I used the only recipe in the world that calls for brown sugar in a bread and butter pickle. What did I think it would look like?! Could I not foresee that these sliced cukes would be sitting in a dark brown liquid?! Ick. Zero points for presentation. Incredibly, these taste fine. If you like bread and butter pickles, that is. I guess they are controversial in the pickling world, right? I want to get it right out on the table that I'm not a huge pickling person. I don't love them. If we are out to lunch and my sandwich comes with a dill pickle, by all means, it's yours. But for someone who isn't in love with pickles, I sure do try them a lot. All the time, it seems. I'm so curious how everyone else in the world swoons over these fermented vegetables (and other things) that snap and pop and release a vinegary explosion. Everytime someone near me swoons over how awesome a pickle is, I try it in the hopes that maybe I just haven't tasted the right one yet. But... no. I gave these bread and butter pickles a shot only to see if I preferred them to a crunchy dill. Meh. They are fine. Tucked away in a sandwich, they are not offensive. But straight up, out of the jar? Not yet. Which is too bad, because I'm hanging with a group of peeps who make some really killer pickled and fermented food. I would have so many awesome pickles at my disposal, if only I wanted them. Last week I even went to that Pickling & Fermentation Demo hosted by FSC with the lovely author Kate Payne up at Spoon & Whisk in Clifton Park. (She has good small-batch pickling tips here & fermentation tips here.)

homemade pickles Whilst on vacation in Portlandia, I made my host Al some fridge pickles using this Food in Jars recipe. I've been told they were good. Recommended by one out of one doctor. I'll keep trying to jump on the pickle bandwagon, but I can't make any promises.

Unrelated, but do you have summer produce leftover that you need to use up? Try these super-simple Locavore Veggie Fajitas. Marinade veggies and toss them all in a skillet. Hold onto summer just a little bit longer. Full recipe here.


  1. The pickles don't look so bad, really. When I first looked at them I thought they were pickled oranges though. Can one pickle oranges?

  2. I might even pay admission to see that!


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