08 September 2011

portland postcard... a haircut

Before I left New York, I stumbled across the website for a whimsical, magical little hair studio and thought that since I was due for a haircut anyway, I might as well add a bit of whimsy to the whole ordeal. I made an appointment at Holiday Hair Studio. Robin, the lady behind this one-lady hair studio, has transformed a cute little trailer into a seriously magical and adorable hair studio.

And yes, she also gave me a really good haircut, so it's worth the hype. I get nervous now with the pixie cuts; one slip of the scissors and you can have yourself a real freakin' disaster. We listened to some tunes and she snipped away while I soaked in the magic of this tiny salon.

It has a smaller kitchen than we do. I like that in a place. Ok, so it's a trailer-turned-hair-salon, but the kitchen is still smaller and that's what counts.

Thanks, Holiday Hair Studio :)


  1. Swoon. For some reason it makes me think of Steel Magnolias...weird.


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