09 September 2011

portland postcard... puff pancakes & food carts

From our nine-mile walk. A view of downtown from one of Portland's many bridges. What are those on the left? HOUSEBOATS. I found the houseboats. I always find the houseboats.

A puff pancake with berries, of course.

I visited the food carts again. In a demonstration of incredible restraint, I did not go back to The Whole Bowl. Instead I got about four servings of chana masala for $6.50. Deal of the century.

Farmers markets!

I'll pop back in for one more postcard and a round-up early next week and then I've got big news to share with you. But first, I'm soaking in the last bit of my summer vacation at MusicfestNW: Markéta Iglová of The Swell Season and Iron & Wine tonight, then The Antlers and Explosions in the Sky tomorrow night. Woot!

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  1. Thanks for the postcards. I'm enjoying a Portland vacation vicariously. Hi to Alex!


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