06 September 2011

surprise... i'm in portland!

Yup, I'm in Portland, Oregon right now. I know I just told you a cool travel story, so forgive me for this. The timing of these posts make it look like Chris & I are ultimate jet-setters, but there was really a bit of a time lapse between his trip and when we told you about it. So don't hate. I'm in Portland, of course, visiting the Doc and finally taking a summer vacation! In a dramatic departure from my visit at the same time last year, it is sunny and hot here this week. As in, it's supposed to reach 95 degrees tomorrow. Everyone laughed when I said I was packing my swim suit. LOOK WHO'S LAUGHING NOW.

I will likely pop in here a few more times this week with little postcards. I intend on doing some sunning, some reading, some yoga (I brought my mat as a carry-on :), some eating, some wandering and a healthy dose of just hanging out. I'll also be kicking it at local farmers markets and making tasty Portland dinners for a Locavore-style vacation.

First up: we ran the Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon Relay Sunday! You may be noticing a pattern about the type of races I'm signed up for lately; this one ended with a big wine tasting. This year I've run races where they gave me either a box of cookies, beer or wine at the finish line. Now I really can't imagine signing up for one where you just get a water and pat on the back. Al & I split the half marathon distance and trotted along a gorgeous race course in perfectly crisp weather. The wine tasting at the end almost made up for our 4:15am wake-up call.

Then yesterday, we accidentally took ourselves on a nine-mile walk along the Willamette River. Any suggestions for Portland-area fun that does not involve running or walking for hours? I've got a streetcar pass and the keys to Al's car, so I'm extremely mobile and will have lots of time on my hands while he's working at the hospital. Otherwise, you can find me at Powell's, Voo Doo Doughnuts or out on the eco-terrace of Al's building :)


  1. That doughnut shop is the bomb!

  2. It looks like you are having a blast - good to hear! Enjoy your hard-earned vacation.

  3. Christine, you are so worthy of a little R&R vacation and you look great in your post run photo with a wine glass in hand. I am puzzled,… where’s the sweat, where’s the sneakers? Are you sure you didn’t just meet the Doc at the finish line, LOL
    I am looking forward to your e-postcards of the trip.


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