07 October 2011

a day at the nyc wine & food festival (part 1)

IMG_1234 Are you wondering about that NYC Wine & Food Festival we went to last weekend? I thought so. The bad news is that my photos aren't great. Super-crowded venue, weird lighting plus an abundance of wine, beer & liquor. You know how it is. I was part of the ShopRite Potluck blogger team that went to the Grand Tasting (presented by ShopRite, as evidenced by the one million ShopRite signs all over the venue).

IMG_1299 The Grand Tasting was held at Pier 57 in the Chelsea neighborhood. Fun. We took the train down Saturday morning, checked into our futuristic hotel (and arrive to a welcome gift bag from ShopRite with sparkling mineral water, almond biscotti and wafers in it... cute, no?) and then wandered over to the festival. We were given a tasting notebook, a swag bag (foodie swag bags are the best, think wooden spoons and olive oil samples :) and then started in on the tasting. So much food, so much booze. Tasty samples from NYC restaurants, food distributors, wineries, breweries and distillers.

Hi, this is me about to go the NYC FREAKING WINE & FOOD FESTIVAL.

I won't elaborate on the booze, except to say that I wasn't expecting beer and liquor to be involved in addition the wine. That's crazy. Also crazy? The Swedish Fish Vodka I tasted.

Wine! Lots of wine.

Lots of food, like this roasted artichoke dish from brio.

I was kicking it with the Potluck team and mingling with the Grand Tasting peeps. We handed out info about the blog and cute little Potluck spatulas. People went nuts for them. I walked around, chatted and handed out free stuff. A pretty sweet deal, indeed. Folks really love their ShopRites. I was expecting most people to just grab the spatula and resume drinking, and plenty did just that, but there was a surprising number of folks who wanted to tell me which ShopRite they go to and why it's so awesome. Interesting.

I'll be back next week with crappy photos of my celebrity chef sightings! Exciting! 

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  1. This looks like a super fun time! What chefs did you see? My favorite one? I'm looking forward to Part 2!


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