10 October 2011

a day at the nyc wine & food festival (part 2)

You celebrity gossip junkies, I knew you were just waiting for the famous people photos. Well, here they are. Enjoy them in all of their blurry glory. I kept hoping for a sneak peak of Ms. Martha Stewart, but I think she only popped into the New York City Food & Wine Festival for the Tribute Dinner honoring His Royal Highness Prince Robert of Luxembourg and Jacques Pépin. Figures. Trust me, I checked every food table and booze table in the whole joint, just in case she happened to be lingering around.

IMG_1244There were chef demos all throughout the day at the Grand Tasting. Among them: Giada de Laurentis. Pretty! Kind of like a bobble head, but very pretty and personably. I feel bad only commenting on her looks, but I didn't catch much of the demo so that's all I have to report. This demo was crazy packed so this is the only semi-decent photo I have.

IMG_1229 And here's Alton Brown. I like his style. The professorial look never goes out of fashion, not in my opinion at least.

IMG_1283 My bro Jacques Pépin, legendary French chef, pal of Julia Childs and aforementioned honoree at some super-fancy dinner at the NYCWFF. Lots of fun. Believes in drinking wine while you cook. We watched his whole demo and then I stalked him a little outside during his book signing.
  IMG_1297Look who showed up! Ms. Paula Deen, Queen of Butter, made a surprise appearance during his book signing! Isn't she a trip? Lordy.

Ok, not a celebrity, but it ought to be. After the Grand Tasting, we went to Patron Tequila's The Art of the Taco hosted by Bobby Flay. This was an awesome taco. A wild mushroom taco with white truffle and queso fresco from Gotham Bar & Grill.

My camera batteries died right when Bobby Flay made his appearance at The Art of the Taco event, so it is with great pleasure that I present to you a string of creepy, close-range videos I took of him with my Flipcam. Enjoy.

Thus concludes my recap of the 2011 NYC Wine & Food Festival. I have a few more photos and videos over at flickr if you are interested. Thanks to ShopRite for inviting me to be a part of the Potluck blog team :)


  1. AHHH I'm jealous of each and every moment!

  2. Me, too! Next year let's make it our girls' weekend getaway. ;)


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