19 October 2011

inside the cooler, weeks no. 19 & 20

We are getting down to the end of the summer CSA season, folks. Ugh. I will miss these coolers filled with produce. For week 19 we had lots of goodies, including one of those funky pieces of ginger, two skinny eggplants, red onions, arugula, colorful peppers, thyme, micromix and a huge honkin' bunch of celery. We made curried eggplant, lentil & quinoa veggie burgers just last night, and they were amazing. The ginger is in the freezer (thanks for the tip, CSA Coordinator) and the celery is being used in veggie stock as I write this. I didn't get to it before it lost its crispness, so the rest of it is going in the freezer where I keep veggie scraps for future stock use. That micromix is killer, it adds such a nice texture to a green salad.

Week 20 saw the return of hakurei turnips! Potato, Sweets & Turnip Gratin, anyone? We also have two little stalks of broccoli, green peppers, garlic, spinach, salad mix and Chinese cabbage.

We have a good amount of cherry and Roma tomatoes waiting for us in the freezer, ready to be made into a delicious tomato soup with our fresh batch of veggie stock. I'm savoring these fresh produce deliveries, knowing that they will end and the farmers market bounty will dwindle a little. But we can make it through, right? Even in our miniscule kitchen with our easy-bake oven, we've managed to put up a few extra jars of local goodness, which makes me laugh and feel proud all at the same time. Despite my wistfulness for the romanticism of prairie life, I am completely and utterly grateful that I do not have to can and preserve summer's bounty in order to survive the winter. For now, I'm satisfied with having made a few jams, preserved a few veggies and stocked up on frozen berries. That's all my schedule, our space and my set of priorities allow for and that is fine with me.

Looking for a quick, easy meal idea? You know how much I love a good rice bowl, so head over here to get my basic recipe for a Buddha Bowl! I've included my super-secret Buddha Bowl Sauce recipe, which I completely hacked from my favorite food cart in Portland.

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