12 October 2011

root vegetables, chocolate milk & vodka

Even though we've been rolling with beautiful, almost summer-like weather here in New York, autumn is definitely here. After a nice bike ride and ridiculously clumsy & slow run, we set out for some fall adventures. (Have you ever run right after biking? I don't know how triathletes do it. It's like running through water or mud. Horribly embarassing.) Roots and other hardy vegetables were in full force at the farmers' market. We grabbed a few tomatoes and shallots from Cornell Farm (Hoosick Falls, NY), some artisan cheese from Gillis Acres Farm (Greenwich, NY), and two pints of the best chocolate milk in the world from Battenkill Creamery (Salem, NY). It's the best chocolate milk I've ever tasted. It has the flavor of a chocolate milkshake from Stewart's, if that means anything to you.

We still had apples leftover from when I went picking with friends in the Hudson Valley a few weeks ago, but we were all out of our Cornelius Applejack. This time on our trip to the Golden Harvest orchard and Harvest Spirits distillery, we picked up a bottle of their Core Vodka. They make it right there on the apple farm with nothing but apples and filtered water.

We brought back our applejack bottle and they rewarded us with a little Harvest Spirits shot glass and a free tasting. Chris tried the pear brandy; it barely touched my lips and I already felt woozy so I held out and saved room for cider doughnuts. I'll always choose cider doughnuts.

Another no-crust apple pie, a few apple-cheddar muffins and lots of soup are on the kitchen schedule for the next week. During super busy weeks like this one, I have to remind myself to take a time out and enjoy the season. An hour spent baking and filling the apartment with scents of cinnamon and spice are worth it. Fitting in a walk or a run, that's worth it too. I'm trying to savor the dark autumn mornings (not easy) and shorter days (almost impossible) and to prepare myself for the upcoming winter. It feels good to hunker down and roll with the seasonal calendar sometimes. And sometimes, well, it sucks. That's life.


  1. Sounds like a divine autumn day!!! Glad you enjoyed it friend!

  2. Vodka made from apples? How do I get me some if that?!?

  3. Sarah - The Core Vidka made from apples is available from drinkupny.com and they ship to almost every star in the U.S. If you get enough stuff, shipping is free. It is kind of amazing. But so is this vodka (and I don't typically go for vodka either).


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