06 October 2011

tomato jam

I made a few jars of tomato jam last week. I had never heard of, nor considered, tomato jam before this year. Before the last swap, Chris suggested I bring a jar of this and I was like, "Noooo I can't bring tomato jam because EVERYONE is making tomato jam these days and their jam is probably SO much better than mine and I have to bring something ORIGINAL." And then I stopped and thought, "What the hell kind of social circle am I in that tomato jam is so very popular and widespread?". Whatever kind of circle it is, I am very happy to be a part of it. Old-fashioned preservation, weird hippie foods, creative cookery... I'm pumped to know such people. Granted, I also grew up with and was raised by such people, but it's nice to expand the circle a bit, no?

Anyway, this tomato jam. Super good. I was at a loss for exactly what to put it on, and then Becky's marvelous post inspired me to try it with grilled cheese, cornbread muffins and egg sandwiches. You can use as a classier ketchup or substitute for fresh tomatoes. It's awesome. I made a grilled brie sandwich the other night with this and it was out of this world. It's sweet, tangy, spicy... all rolled into one little jar.

I used this recipe from Food in Jars. Becky's Tomato-Basil version on FSC looks divine. Punk Domestics even has an entire round-up of Tomato Jam. If I had a mass quantity of tomatoes to deal with- and I'm glad I don't- I would make a ton of jars of this and give them out as Christmas presents.


  1. i hadn't heard of tom jam until this year either (is this something that's always been around and i just missed it?). it's so weird but SO good.

  2. I never heard of this before either, but I imagine its delish, since I'm a huge tomato fan.

  3. I was kinda on the fence about tomato jam before I made it...and then I was like "Why haven't I EVER even thought about this before now?" Its is yum. I am sort of hording my jar and trying to use it sparingly because I like it soo {surprisingly} much. Glad you liked it too!


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