22 November 2011

introducing... the vitamix

Well well well, look who it is. My new best friend Mr. Vitamix. Yes folks, the Twitter rumors are true: we are proud owners of a brand-new Vitamix. I have been pining for this appliance for a long time, showing demo videos to anyone who would watch. Then I ordered it. And it came in the mail. Now we are inseparable. Classic love story, no?

 Before:  A mess of berries, greens, avocado, almond milk, cucumber and Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer powder.

After:  A smooth, creamy drink.
"So, this thing just makes good smoothies?" No. First, as a point of clarity, this thing makes killer smoothies, not just good ones. It will pulverize almost anything. Kale? Perfectly acceptable. Ice cubes? Crushed instantly. Uncooked vegetables, whole fruits, nuts, rice, etc. The list goes on.

Smoothies aside, though, it can also make nut milks, nut butters, sauces, dressings and dips. "Pretty much standard issue, though, right?" False. This thing also makes hot soups and ice cream. What? I KNOW. You put room temperature ingredients (veggies, broth, etc.) into the Vitamix and a few minutes later you have HOT SOUP. Something about the friction of the blades and 200+ mph and bam! Hot soup. I personally like my soups to simmer awhile on the stove, but still... pretty neat. "What did you say about ice cream?" Oh yes, I can make ice cream in my Vitamix. As in, put some cold ingredients in and a few minutes later you have real, scoopable ice cream.

Clearly I will be recording my own demo videos to share. And for the record, I'm not an employee nor am I getting any benefits from writing this except for the comforting knowledge that I can now blend up every ingredient in my kitchen into a delicious smoothie. I mean, come one, my blender has a two horsepower motor. That's the only time I'll ever brag about how much horsepower something I own has. 

Just wanted to formally introduce you :)

ps- Today is the last day of my 21-day cleanse!

Updated July 2012 to include my Vitamix Affiliate link for Free Shipping. Order through this affiliate link and your new Vitamix ships for free. $25 value, folks. You're welcome.

Also, a quick note about my affiliate status. Eight months after I purchased my Vitamix, I became a Vitamix affiliate, which means that I can offer my buddies free shipping on their Vitamixes and then I snag a percentage of the sale. I did that because I sincerely, dearly love Mr. Vitamix. Ask anyone. I'm a fanatic. It's dreamy. And since I'm pretty sure I've already sold 3-4 Vitamixes based on my wild enthusiasm, I thought why not pass along the benefit to you & me. You get the free shipping, I get a few bucks and we all blend fruits and veggies happily ever after. Nothing else will change here, and I will still be just as obnoxious about the Vitamix in person as I've always been :)


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