27 November 2011

thanksgiving, battleship & happy hour

I (sort of) promise not to get lazy and just post Instagram photo recaps instead of actually blogging, but it's just so easy and addicting. We had a lovely Thanksgiving up in Plattsburgh; fortunately we avoided driving during the middle of the storm that dumped a foot of snow in the North Country.

We feasted, drank, played Battleship and wove old-school potholders. Many of them. A lovely time was had by all, even on Thanksgiving morning when we snuck out to run a private, two-person Turkey Trot around town. In the cold. With snow on the ground. I was rewarded with my first cup of coffee in over 21 days, so it was worth it.

We were back in town Friday evening so my girlfriends and I could catch a showing of the new Twilight movie. Because isn't that what young professionals in their late twenties do? (Yes, I believe after yesterday's 27th birthday I am officially in my late twenties. Where does the time go?)

We went for a walk Saturday night only to find ourselves indulging in happy hour at a few neighborhood bars. The convenient thing about our neighborhood is that when we finally got hungry, we didn't have to settle for a slice of pizza: we just walked a block home to make dinner. Sliced up, roasted potatoes with a micromix, radish, cucumber and goat cheese salad plus amazing leftover butternut squash soup.

How were your Thanksgiving celebrations? Does it seem strange that I'm now 27 and have been blogging here since I was 22? Yowza. That means my five-year blogaversary is coming up soon. We shall celebrate, friends, we shall celebrate. In the meantime, we will try out a few new recipes, knit a new hat to hide my slightly grown-out pixie cut and maybe we'll make a Christmas terrarium together. Sounds like fun, no?


  1. being close to home always was definitely one of my favorite things about living in a small town. i was always just a mile or two away from my bed, my kitchen, my kitty, etc... :)

  2. You don't even need a small town! Just a cute, walkable neighborhood :)


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