18 November 2011

a weekend in old montreal

A few weekends ago we had the chance to spend some time in Old Montreal to celebrate a lovely family wedding. In a wildly uncharacteristic move, I forgot my camera! So we played around with Chris' iPod to capture a few memories from this beautiful city.

Our gorgeous hotel room at Hotel Nelligan.

Occupy Montreal. 

I would like to buy a stone house like this one. It would be perfect for wreath-hanging and reading by a fireplace and hosting late-night dinner parties.

 Coffee and crepes.

Back to the United States.

Wishing you all a great weekend. I'll be finishing up my last weekend on the cleanse (always the hardest days when you don't have a strict schedule), finding a new pot for a houseplant that has long outgrown its current home and experimenting with lots of new smoothie recipes. I'll explain more about the smoothies soon...


  1. Hey Christine!

    Montreal is a great city -- I spent a week there in summer of '10 and my hostel was in Old Montreal. Beeyewtiful. Your hair looks great, by the way! Are you on Instagram? If so I'd toootally follow you!

    I haven't been on the Whole Living community for quite some time, but I plan to return at the start of the new year, as I'll be participating in the Challenge.

    Hope all is well!

  2. ysy, glad you had such a nice weekend in mtl! i rarely make it down to the old port (so far seemingly from the mile end!) buit's so fun for narrow-alley wandering and mid-afternoon sandwiches at olive + gourmando. :)

  3. Hey Elizabeth! I'm not on Instagram yet... but will be soon :) I'm in the same boat with the Whole Living community... have you heard anything about the 2012 challenge yet? I haven't seen anything and was wondering what the plan was. Good to hear from you!

    Natasha, you are so lucky to live in Montreal! What a gorgeous city that I hope to explore more. I welcome any suggestions or tips!


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