23 December 2011

a christmas photo

For this year's card, we packed up thermoses of hot tea and walked down to the state capitol building and Empire State Plaza. We scurried down there quickly, hoping to catch the good light right after sunset. To our surprise, we chose the same night as the Albany Last Run 5K so we were also treated to holiday music, fireworks and a show of freezing cold runners scooting past us. Bonus! After the bulk of the runners had passed, I laid down on my stomach on supercold brick to snap a few photos because I really wanted you all to have a magical Christmas card. And magical it is, yes?

Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas weekend, if that's your thing. (If not, it's still the freakin' weekend so get your celebration on!) My gifts are made, wrapped and adorned with these cute labels. We'll be feasting with family on Christmas Eve and Christmas night and, in between, enjoying a cozy Christmas morning for two :)

For more holiday cheer...
Last year's cards from Rifle Paper Co.
Perhaps my all-time favorite Christmas card.

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