02 December 2011

free e-book!

The ladies of From Scratch Club are offering a FREE E-BOOK to help you create your very own From Scratch Holiday. The free digital book has brand-new edible gift ideas and recipes, never before published on FSC. From limoncello to gluten free pasta and the famous vegan cinnamon bun recipe from All Good Bakers, this handy little download has plenty of ideas for creating homemade, from scratch holiday cheer this season. Ooh, and I share my Maple Muesli recipe, perfect for a hearty yet simple winter breakfast.

You could even download and print this free e-book to give as a gift to your favorite cook. This is From Scratch Club's gift to you this holiday season, so spread the cheer :)

To get your free digital copy of From Scratch Holidays, head over here!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you - so full of inspiration and some really great recipes! I just love holidays and family time in general. :)


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