13 December 2011

maple cream

Have we talked about maple cream yet? My records indicate that we have not. So let's talk about it. IT'S HEAVEN. IT'S SO DAMN GOOD.

That's really all I have to say. Maple cream is pure 100% maple syrup that is whipped into a frenzy. You can spread it on your toast, on pancakes and on anything else you can think of. I've been known to even spread maple cream on top of cookies. Then again, I've also been known to do the same with Nutella. It's really something special. I even gave a bunch of jars of maple cream as stocking stuffers last Christmas, in order to spread the maple cream cheer. I buy mine from Wells Maple Farm at the Troy Farmers Market. It's worth every penny.

If you like maple things-- and I hope you do-- then you should make it a priority to snatch up some maple cream. I'm not sure that it's available in many grocery stores, but that's ok because it's a perfect excuse to buy some from the friendly older gentleman that sells maple products at your local farmers market.

ps- When I Googled "Wells Maple Farm" to see if there was a website, this 1988 New York Times article popped up about a tough maple season in 1987, when I was a perky three-year-old. Love it. Which got me thinking about something I heard recently on NPR about a new reverse osmosis process that maple producers are using to reduce their energy and fuel costs and to help produce better yields. Something about "science" that reduces the time they need to boil down the sap. Sounds good, but then again what do I know?


  1. Have you had the cotton candy? It's amazing. The folks at the farmer's market are about the nicest people I've ever met and their syrup is top notch. I haven't tried the maple cream - it's going on my list this week!

  2. Valarae, I wanted to check out their cotton candy last weekend! I'll have to grab some soon :)

  3. We had a reverse-osmosis machine in our sap house growing up. Next to it was a chest freezer chock-a-block full of vanilla ice cream. We'd scoop it out and pour boiling syrup right out of the evaporator over it. It didn't stay icy for long but it was SO good. We used to make maple cream and it's actually not that hard to do in a stand mixer (hint hint... in case you want to literally whip up some last-minute holiday gifts).


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