11 January 2012

catching up, making cookies & goals

I've been posting 'round the internet this week and thought I would catch you up...

Are you going through holiday cookie withdrawal? Learn my tips for hosting an epic cookie-bake-thon over at ShopRite's Potluck blog!  Relax, you don't have to make 40 dozen cookies like we did.

Also, I shared my food-related goals for 2012 over at From Scratch Club this week, which include hosting small dinner parties and making more condiments. Head over and check them out if you like!


  1. Those peanut butter cookies make me sad. Growing up in the Midwest, you could always find chocolate stars, which were flattish, pretty pieces of chocolate. Chocolate stars were the ONLY chocolate one would place atop a peanut butter cookie. Since moving to NY, I've never been able to find them...and so we're stuck with pointy and dangerous Hershey Kisses. Because of their shape, you almost have to eat them separately (unless you want to poke the roof of your mouth). A chocolate star was easy to bite to combine the flavors of peanut butter and chocolate perfectly.

    Sorry, just reminiscing...peanut butter and chocolate are a bit of a passion.

  2. Perhaps a bake-a-thon is in my future -- I'm even thinking of asking a "non-baker" to inspire her. Will keep you posted. Thanks for all your wonderful thoughts! I enjoy reading your blog sooo much! XO


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