18 January 2012

cheese & the wall street journal

If you happen to grab a copy of today's Wall Street Journal, go ahead and flip to the front page of the Personal Journal section. There I am! Making cheese! What?!

(Click images to enlarge.)

Yes. Because the world is a crazy place, I am featured in today's Journal story on home cheesemaking and DIY dairy products. Guess I won't be cutting out too much dairy, at least not this month :) After making sure the reporter knew that I was a total novice at cheesemaking, relying primarily on the sangria-fueled cheesemaking party of last summer for my experience, she confirmed interest and sent a photographer to document the making of mozzarella in a less-than-40-square-foot kitchen. I tell you people, if I can make mozzarella in my kitchen, you can make it in yours. I asked Sister to come over and act as my sous chef. With the click click of the camera, we whipped up a ball of fresh mozzarella in under an hour with only minimal nervous laughter.

If you are a WSJ subscriber, you can read the online article here. Anyone can check out the entire photo slideshow, and you are allowed to politely giggle at the funny faces I'm making.

Thanks to Alina Dizik, Erica Beckman & John Francis Peters who made my WSJ debut so comfortable and easy. And for somehow including little ol' me in a story with DIY rockstar Ashley English. Thanks also to the ladies of FSC for throwing that cheesemaking party.


  1. You. are. sooooo. cool.

  2. You are totally AMAZING! You just keep rockin'! Love you Lady!

  3. Proud to be an uncle to you two! Fantastic coverage in the Wall St. Journal! I have my own hard copy for you to autograph - please!

  4. Next time I see you I want some cheese and an autograph!

  5. My threaded comments aren't working so I can't respond to everyone individually, but...

    Thanks everyone :) Mozzarella, autographs & high-fives will be made available to all.

    ps- I'm not THAT cool. I think it was the allure of the tiny kitchen.


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