20 January 2012

mushroom mole mini tacos

Mushroom Mole Tacos. These were planned to be the centerpiece of our New Year's Eve party.* We had other snacks-- chips, salsa, crackers, hummus, sriracha party nuts, a cheese plate-- but we planned just two hot dishes for the night. We made empanadillas with spinach, raisins and veggie chorizo and then we made these tacos. Oh, these tacos. These spicy, chocolate-y, mushroom-y tacos.

Inspired completely by a wild mushroom taco we tasted at Bobby Flay's The Art of the Taco Night, Chris and I furiously searched for recipes to recreate a mushroom taco wonder. We settled on this recipe, modifying it slightly to swap in button mushrooms and leaving out the water in order to get a thicker taco filling. We made it ahead of time and even scoured the interwebs to hunt down the same exact Taco Traps that they provided at the Bobby Flay taco night. Yup, we really like our guests to have a great time and we knew that little tiny taco holders were the way to make that happen.

We used a 3" round cookie cutter to cut mini taco shells out of large tortillas. We bought the fixins. We had it all planned out: it was to be a grand moment of the party, brought out and served later in the evening as a milestone event.

Except, that didn't quite happen. As a tip for you party-throwers out there: don't wait until nearly midnight at a New Year's Eve Party to bring out your best dish. That's a better time for... say, grabbing a slice of pizza around the corner or switching to water for the rest of the night. We brought the tacos out, completely forgot the little Taco Traps, and generally let them get lost and largely overlooked. Son of a jackal!

So we decided to make ourselves our own mini taco meal today, complete with our own Taco Traps. It was awesome.

*Our New Year's Eve party was actually a New Year's WEAVE Party. At our request, all of our guests wore crazy wigs. Mine, if you were wondering, was a hot pink bob.


  1. First off New Year's Weave has me cracking up. Freakin' awesome.

    Also, those taco traps... whaaa? How did I miss those at the Taco Night? They're brilliant! The tacos look great too, and I love that last photo.

  2. I'm pleased that after scouring the Interwebs you found my recipe and went with it! Hope you loved it. Thanks for linking it to me. Mole is one of my favourites. And I think that making it in homemade corn tortillas will be delicious - thanks for the inspiration.


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