06 January 2012

the top posts of 2011 + my favorites

Here are the most popular posts of 2011. Some of them are popular because of solid link love throughout the interwebs, some are presumably popular because they're awesome and some of them are are this list for reasons unknown to me.

DIY Kitchen Pegboard. People are always expecting a tutorial. Sorry, folks.
Beet and Brown Rice Veggie Burger. Awesome awesome.
Small Batch Peach Jam. This got some homegrown.org link love.
Hip Girls Indeed. FSC link love.
Boozy Amaretto Pound Cake. I don't know. It wasn't even that awesome.
Our First CSA, Lessons Learned. Dissertation on being a CSA member.
Your first CSA season, tips and advice. Part Two.
A Haircut & a Trip to Atlanta. People also like pixie cuts.

And because the most popular posts seldom reflect my favorite posts, here are a few underdog posts of which I'm particularly proud.

Surprisingly good tempeh reuben. Give tempeh a chance, people.
Frilly aprons and policy briefs. A brief on why I'm fine with kicking ass at work and then coming home and baking cupcakes.
One little egg's journey. I sent a plastic Easter egg through the mail.
Vegetable observations. I think these comparisons creeped people out, but I stand by them.
Ones who are mad to live. This quote still gives me shivers.
A wedding quilt. A quilt for my sister and her husband.
Tales of a food journey, part one and part two. Jointly-authored posts of Chris' experience volunteering on organic farms in Nova Scotia.
Banned book week. I'm a bookworm.
Kombucha what? I know it's weird, but come on, explore kombucha homebrewing with me!
Non-dairy milks, an exploration. This one gets steady traffic, but didn't have enough airplay in 2011 to make the top posts list.

There we have it! Now I can officially move forward from 2011 and jump into the new year. After all, I've got a big blogiversary to celebrate soon and this requires some party planning. Happy Weekend.

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