30 January 2012

two days in vermont

Chris swept me and my runny nose away this weekend for a little Vermont getaway. It was a much-needed escape from the daily grind, which is rather grueling these days. With my Sudafed and tissues in hand, we left town in search of good food, unscheduled time and snowy mountains.

On our way up north, we stopped for coffee in Vergennes. Chris read an article about this wood-fired bakery in an issue of Food & Wine so we figured it would be a good place to stretch the legs. I loved the aesthetic, loved that they had kombucha on tap and loved that you could order a Chemex of coffee for two. We got two mugs of drip coffee and split a citrus-y morning bun before climbing back in the van to continue the road trip.

We originally planned to stay in Montpelier, a town that gives me the warm fuzzies everytime we visit, but we couldn't find a room so we ended up in Burlington, a town that makes me sigh and clutch my chest while waxing poetic about how "We really belong here! These are our people, you know? I mean... wow, it's just perfect." We grabbed lunch, shopped around and then took a cold medicine-induced nap at the hotel before heading back out to wander around BTV's magical downtown.

For dinner, we ordered a glass of wine and hit up the scrumptious hot buffet at Stone Soup, loading our plates high with vegan vegetable au gratin, vegetarian cottage pie, winter chickpea and wheatberry salads, curried eggplant and brown rice. I even put a little bit of steamed kale on my plate.

The next morning we woke up early, packed our bags and drove to find a snowy mountain down which I could descend in the slowest, most painstaking way possible. We ended up at Smuggler's Notch. I am happy to report that I had a great day skiing, flexing a bit more skill and speed than previous attempts and having an awesome time doing it. Only one wipeout, during which I slid on my back down the mountain-- head first, like an upside down beetle-- for a good distance before I straightened myself out. I credit that move with really clearing out my sinuses and putting me on the road to recovery.

I called it quits after a solid half-day and then curled up in the lodge to catch up on coffee-drinking and library book-reading while Chris squeezed in some extra mountain time. We prolonged our escape for a few more hours in Burlington before grabbing dinner from City Market and heading back home.

Now! Back to the grind... with a little extra pep in my step. 

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  1. Its funny but we have the exact same feelings about Burlington... but then we remember the winters up there. Still envious though!


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