31 January 2012

unspeakable visions: five years strong

Today marks five years of blogging here at unspeakable visions! I started this humble blog in grad school as a place to write about sewing, crafting and pretty things. In other words, it was a place to get away from the heady curriculum of my public policy degree. I learned to crochet during finals week of my senior year in college. I learned to sew while working through my intensive graduate program. I'm now exploring the vast land of healthy, local, whole foods cooking and kitchenry antics during a busy time in my professional career. See a pattern?

I firmly believe that you can wrap up all of your professional and personal interests into one messy, interesting, multi-dimensional and imperfect person. That's really the only way to do it. We may have a driving, singular goal in mind or a set of defining beliefs, but no one fits neatly into one box or under a single label. We do what we have to do, we do what we love to do and we try our best to stay sane and happy and loved. Am I right? This blog has become a place for me to share some projects, some thoughts and some moments with all of you as I navigate my own path as a messy, (sometimes) interesting, multi-dimensional and certainly imperfect person.

So thanks for sticking with me, everyone. A special thanks to those of you who have commented, emailed or otherwise let me know that I'm not speaking to an empty room. It means a lot to me.

More thoughts coming up on blogging, jealousy, the illusion of perfection and... Beyonce. Because it's not a blogiversary without a little Beyonce. It's also not a blogiversary without stupid little cupcakes, catching up on Downton Abbey and blog giveaways... so that's all on my calendar too.


  1. Amazing journey....congrats!!!

  2. Heck Yes! Sometimes I can't believe you've been in the game that long! If your blog was a baby, you'd be filling out boatloads of paperwork and buying a new backpack and shipping them off to kindergarten in September :-)

    Congrats on five years of blogging success. I can't wait to read about your adventures over the next five.

  3. Belated congrats . . . . not many folks make it that far with their blogs, and even fewer get better and better as they go!! Well played, you. Well played, indeed.


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