03 February 2012

comments are back up (& a little beyonce)

The comment form has been a little wacky the past week or so; Blogger has been rolling out a lot of new changes and some of them haven't been compatible with the customizations I've made to my template, so I've been asking The Google and The Twitter for help like crazy. It appears that it is straightened out. Comments are now working on Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari & the mobile version.

And there's more! I now have threaded comments, so I can reply directly to each of your notes! Much better for tracking conversations on here. Sooooo, thank you to everyone who let me know about the broken comments-- shoot me an email if they still aren't working :) In appreciation of your patience, and in fulfillment of my blogiversary Beyonce requirement, here's a favorite little song & dance from B.

And with that, I bid you adieu. Two of my favorite college buddies are coming up to Albany for an alumni pub crawl and a sleepover! For breakfast tomorrow I'm serving big ol' smoothies and some treats from All Good Bakers, just like last time. Happy Weekend.


  1. Wait . . . . I'm not your favorite college buddy?!?!? Dagnabbit!!!

    On (semi)-serious note, and related to the post after this one, Marcia and I went out to lunch today and she had a SPECTACULAR risotto made with brown rice (crazy, I know!) with an absolutely insane vanilla bean cream sauce atop it . . . it was truly sublime, and if you ever care to experiment with vanilla beans (as I have done, often), there's probably a really rewarding culinary experience to be had with such incongruous ingredients . . .

    Hope you and the boy are well!

    1. Ah yes, you are a favorite grad school buddy. I was speaking undergrad :)

      Brown rice risotto? With vanilla sauce? Insane. It's now on my list of future cooking experiments.


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